Abbey Church of Our Lady on Montserrat, San Beda College - Manila
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  1. gillboard Says:

    that was where I came from... studied that is... miss Beda... Good church as well...

  2. Sidney Says:

    I first thought it was Italy!
    Looks beautiful!

  3. That's a nice looking church. I find it hard to believe that it's local.

  4. Dhon Jason Says:

    The Abbey Church, which is also the College Chapel, is notable for its paintings - 16 allegories on the virtues, theology, and the Church on the vaulted ceiling of the nave; "The Apotheosis of the Holy Name of Jesus" over the sanctuary; eight panels on the Nativity of the Lord on the walls of the sanctuary, and the Fourteen Stations of the Cross. They were painted by a Spanish Benedictine monk, Fr. Lesmes Lopez, OSB, from 1931n to 1938. In this chapel and under these glowing paintings, the school year begins with the celebration of the Solemnity of St. Bede on June 17, and ends with the Graduation Masses held during the week before Holy Week.

  5. -tintin- Says:

    Hya, these shots are breath-taking!!! Feels like it was some European Church abroad or something... You captured it, promise!

  6. ei.. i borrowed ur photo.. do you know anything about Lesmes Lopez? I'm looking for someone who has a story about him or about his lost works in the Philippines.. I'm doing a research about him. I know some about his life through my research. btw, I'm from San Beda.

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