Twin Fantasy Island

4 Responses
  1. -tintin- Says:

    Wow, parang Final Fantasy... Hehe... Reminds me of the Isla - the remote island we went to a few months ago... The scenes are really breath-taking! I'd share them with you, kaso cellphone pix lang sila hehe...

  2. Dhon Jason Says:

    thanks tin for always dropping by.

  3. rudygiron Says:

    Welcome to the Daily Photo family.

    I noticed you linked my site with the previous address I had. My new domain is and it as simple as removing the rudygiron part of the address. If you don't mind, would you please update the links address at your convenience.

    Once again, welcome and I will keep on eye on your Island shots. I always wonder what would be like to live on an island.

  4. drei Says:

    great pic!

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